Our Event Calendar offers ICal links to events, including events filtered by category, tag, etc. These links can be used to sync up your own personal calendar (GMail, Outlook, etc.) to the Leander Lions Golf Event Calendar.

What Are ICal Links?

ICal files, and their corresponding links are a type of “universal” calendar file format that allows various computer applications to consume calendar event data and display them in a native format.

The ICal format can be imported into a variety of platforms, including Yahoo! Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, and IBM Notes.

Difference Between ICal Files and Links

When you click on the various “+Export Events” links on this site, you will be prompted by your browser to download a ICal file. These ICal files are static, meaning they don’t change as we add updates to the calendar on the site.This is fine as long as you don’t care about any changes or updates to calendar data! Instead you want to save the download link for your application.

Using Download Links

Your browser should allow you to save the link to the ICal download instead of saving the file directly. This is usually accomplished by using the right click menu on the link and selecting save link location or something similar. This will copy the url to the ICal download link to your clipboard which you can then paste into your calendar application.

An example of how to do this with Google Calendar can be found here.

Each calendar app is a little bit different on how it uses ICal links, so be sure to google your particular app to make sure you don’t miss out.

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